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The Return to Tradition

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Within recent years, the wedding industry has seen a growing number of trends steering away from the “traditional wedding cake”. Everything from colorful wedding cakes, cupcake towers, cake pops, and dessert tables began to replace the standard wedding cake and started to become normal substitutes. As the substitutes gained popularity, the element of surprise began to fade; while still being delicious, the cupcake towers and dessert tables no longer wowed guests, and for some almost became an expected replacement.

In search for new and different alternatives, the wedding cake industry began to see an increasing number of request for the traditional wedding cake in place of what had become traditional substitutes. Surprising guests young and old with the simplicity, grace, and beauty that is the heart of tradition, the wedding cake industry had finally come full circle.

However, what classifies a cake as “traditional” you may ask. Well, at The Baking Institute, tradition means clean lines, simple designs, all monotone white or ivory color, with small touches of crystal or sugar flowers to match. This makes the wedding cake timeless, beautiful, and the perfect embellishment to an already unforgettable event.

Bright colors, out-of-box designs, cupcake towers, and even dessert tables, while all beautiful can now just be an addition, as the glamour and beauty of a traditional white wedding cake can not only stand alone, but has proven to stand the test of time.

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